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Canning Adventures!

Howdy there, fellow farm enthusiasts! It's been an exhilarating journey watching our little farmhouse move forward, and I can't help but feel a sense of joy as we progress. From the warm smiles to the sweet laughter of my kids, every moment has been worth cherishing.

The slideshow of our house's progress got a little update with some fresh snapshots, capturing the transformation beautifully. But today, I want to share something more delightful - the fun projects that have kept us busy with friends!

Last weekend, we decided to make the most of the bountiful produce available and embarked on a canning adventure with our friend Caryn. Even though I wasn't feeling my best that day, my determination to enjoy the process kept me going.

First, we couldn't resist freezing some apricots. The sweet and juicy goodness of summer captured in frosty packages - a real treat to enjoy during the colder months.

Next up, we tackled the mountain of fresh tomatoes and transformed them into jars of ruby-red tomato goodness. The vibrant colors and enticing aroma filled the kitchen as we canned jars of homemade tomato sauce, perfect for those cozy winter meals. We made plenty of green beans and onions to compliment any meal or just to snack on right out the jar.

But the highlight of the day had to be making our very own blackberry jam. I have no idea if I managed to do it right, but I know it will be a sticky and joyful mess we can enjoy soon, and one that we'll cherish forever.

Despite my rough start to the day, witnessing the excitement in my kids' eyes and their eagerness to help was heartwarming. These are the moments that make all the hard work and challenges of farm life worthwhile. It's not just about the crops we grow or the house we build; it's about the experiences we share and the memories we create.

I'm filled with gratitude knowing that I'm providing my children with unforgettable experiences, teaching them valuable skills, and nurturing their love for nature. And not to forget the camaraderie we're building with our friends like Caryn, who share our passion for farming and self-sufficiency.

As the sun sets on another rewarding day on the farm, I can't help but look forward to more adventures ahead. We're learning, growing, and connecting with our land and each other in ways that fill our hearts with joy. Stay tuned for more updates on our farm journey, and until next time, happy farming!

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