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From Feathers to Feast: Adventures in Chicken Processing on the Homestead

Welcome to our farm blog, where we share our experiences and adventures in embracing the homestead way of life. Recently, we had the exciting opportunity to participate in a group chicken processing event hosted by our co-op. It was a chance for us to reconnect with the traditional practices of raising and preparing our own food. The last time I was involved in such a process was in Kansas during my childhood, where memories of the axe falling and headless chickens flapping on the ground still linger. However, this time around, I discovered that things have certainly changed!

We gathered at Caryn and Brant's homestead, where they had everything set up for us. Being eager to learn, I decided to engage in all aspects of the process, except for wielding the knife to dispatch the chickens. Although I believe I could have done it, I opted out for now, keeping the possibility open for future experiences. Instead, I got my hands dirty as I learned how to knock the chickens out by swinging them upside down, putting them through the plucker, and then I tried my hand out eviscerating the chickens. By the time we finished, I felt a sense of accomplishment and confidence that I could have undertaken the entire process on my own. It was a valuable lesson in self-sufficiency and reconnecting with the food we consume.

Feeling empowered by our experience, we signed up for the bulk buy and processing event scheduled for the fall. This way, we can not only enjoy the fruits of our labor but also actively participate in every stage of the chicken's journey from farm to table. It's an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the food we consume and take pride in the knowledge that we contributed to its preparation.

After attending our second chicken processing event, luck was on our side, and we managed to get our hands on one of the chickens we processed for our own table. As they say, there's nothing quite like the taste of a homegrown chicken. The flavors were more pronounced, and there was a special note of victory in every bite. It served as a reminder that food prepared with care and dedication not only nourishes our bodies but also feeds our sense of accomplishment and connection to the land.

Our journey into homesteading continues to be a fulfilling one, as we explore new experiences and expand our knowledge of sustainable living. We look forward to sharing more tales from our farm and the joy that comes from embracing a life deeply intertwined with nature. Stay tuned for more updates as we nurture our homestead and cultivate a stronger bond with the land around us.

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