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The Next Phase of Construction Begins on the Farm

I headed out to the farm with the intention of working on wildflower project, but to my surprise, I found the work crew already back at the property. Their arrival caught me off guard, as I had expected them to arrive in a few more days. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to witness the crew busy installing the very first vertical beam on the pad. In that moment, the whole endeavor felt incredibly tangible, and I realized that within a matter of weeks, I would witness a complete transformation of the entire area.

While this journey on the farm is undoubtedly a day-by-day process for us, I've come to realize that the upcoming 6-8 weeks will be filled with rapid progress. Walls will swiftly rise, interior framing will be skillfully completed, and electrical wires will be expertly run throughout the space that will soon become my home. It's remarkable how quickly everything is coming together, and I eagerly anticipate the moment when I can finally settle into this transformed haven.

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