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From Mud to Milestone: Building a Solid Road

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

This past week on our farm was full of excitement and progress. With the limestone roadbase being delivered, we were finally able to start creating a proper road on our homestead. Even though I didn't physically work on the project, I spent a lot of time coordinating and planning ahead.

On Sunday, Daniel arrived with my mother and nephew, and it turned into a family road trip as Brian took the day off on Monday to work on the road with Daniel. While they were hard at work, I took a two-hour trek to visit my sister, along with my mother, nephew, and Moose.

Seeing the muddy mess that we had before transform into a proper road was incredibly satisfying. Knowing that our builders will be able to use this road without tearing up the land too much is a huge relief. The road will make it easier for them to continue building our house and other structures on the property.

My favorite part of the road is where it circles around a cluster of four trees. We've turned a fallen mesquite tree into a roundabout, and my family loves to take picnics near the trees. We have planted flowers and I hope to spend many more days enjoying the shade with the family.

Looking up the road, we can see the old homestead barn, and I feel a sense of hope and excitement. I know that one day it will be restored to its former beauty and functionality, and I can't wait to see it transformed into a useful and beautiful structure once again.

Overall, it was an eventful week on our homestead, and I can't wait to see what progress we'll make next. With the road in place, we're one step closer to making our homestead dreams a reality.

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